To lead or not to lead

Day 56: Wednesday 29 March Leadership is not for everyone. I think that’s easy to forget in an aspirational culture. I love Derek Siver’s observation that being a follower is an important leadership role too. Sometimes it’s OK to follow and not feel like you need to lead. Leadership takes bandwidth and it might be […]

New clear

Day 44: Friday 10 March Steady as she goes. As I continue to work through the bits and pieces, new clarity is coming. Workshop It’s always been my goal that in my workshops the emphasis remains firmly on the work. It’s the way the teaching will stick, the learning will be meaningful and the ideas […]

Beginning the new spruik

Day 17: Wednesday 1 February Smashed it today. Had my head down and didn’t really stop, except enforced break for lunch, and when I’d pretty much fried me thinkin’ by mid-late arvo! First day of the month and a day for… Reviews & goals How did January go? I’m giving myself a pass. Given it […]