Day 37: Wednesday 1 March Today I’m feeling a bit scared shitless. Thanks to the big hairy audacious idea I mentioned yesterday. I’ve cooled it a little today and have it on the slow burn to wrap my brains around. But there’s an overwhelm in the scale. And doubt. And a knowing I just have […]

The return

Day 36: Tuesday 28 February It’s truncated Tuesday and a day of writing and thinking. Drafted the next useletter (to go out tomorrow) where I hesitate to admit to struggling with my work. Fascinated with why that might be. It’s not as if I have overly held back here for anyone to see. The discomfort […]

Lost in translation

Day 27: Wednesday 15 February A heady day. All up in my head. Not necessarily in a bad way. Just thinking. Percolating thoughts. Brainstorming workshop ideas. Which is important albeit less productive on the day. It now needs to translate into a productive day of developing the workshop into a tangible force. It’s AI but […]

Selling… out in the world

Day 15: Monday 30 January OK, the big task for the week (the important work) is to get better at my sales efforts and identifying channels and tactics. It’s surprising how many ideas it’s possible to come up when sitting down and making the effort.And what’s more, not all of them made me uncomfortable.Also loved […]

Machine not learning

Day 8: Wednesday 18 January Frankly this will be an abridged day. So the key will be to get as much done in the time I have… Hoooo boy! The frustrations of computers doing their own thing. I checked. Changed. Rechecked. And programmed the useletter to go out. It looked good. Font colours were right […]


Day 6: Monday 16 January Start of a new week and the plan for the week is to write out my 1 month and quarterly Goals as SMART Goals (which I should have already done!) a reminder… S pecific, M easurable, A chievable, R ealistic, and T imely I also would like to update my […]