You’re seldom alone

Day 53: Friday 24 March In business, when things aren’t going well or worse, unravelling, it’s unlikely you’re the first. Those challenges you’re facing. It’s likely someone else is facing or has faced those too. It’s worthwhile reminding yourself of that. So you don’t feel so alone and hopeless. It’s advice I needed a couple […]

Too kind and gentle

Day 38: Thursday 2 March So I had my arse kicked last night. In a good way. Sat down with a very smart friend (who’s also done some coaching). It was pointed out by her, and coincidentally another friend yesterday in an email, that perhaps I’m too too kind and gentle in the way I […]

The curate’s egg

Day 34: Friday 24 February I was tempted to leave this page deliberately blank. But that would be lazy and hiding. The truth is, today was good and bad. (Even if I feel mostly bad) The good In my Reach Out practice I caught up with two wonderful architects, had a long and thoughtful discussion. […]

Bitsy not busy

Day 25: Monday 13 February A day of contemplation and learning. Sometimes you’ve got to give in to the need to be quiet, listen and to receive. Bitsy A bitsy day of learning and would have benefited from a more focussed task. Instead I was reading up on leadership. Using it for media posts, the […]

Beginning the new spruik

Day 17: Wednesday 1 February Smashed it today. Had my head down and didn’t really stop, except enforced break for lunch, and when I’d pretty much fried me thinkin’ by mid-late arvo! First day of the month and a day for… Reviews & goals How did January go? I’m giving myself a pass. Given it […]

Stilted not stilton

Day 13: Wednesday 25 January It’s a day of small but important tasks. The nice thing about that is that it feels productive looking back over what you got done that day. Lunch The nice part of doing this work is connecting with other people. It’s fun but it’s still work. Super helpful lunch today […]

An unexpected entrance

Day 9: Thursday 19 January Some days you just need to make the space for the unexpected to enter. I thought I was clear on what I was doing today. Beginning by honing the answers to: What is the problem I’m solving for my clients? What is their current challenge I can help with? Where […]

Machine not learning

Day 8: Wednesday 18 January Frankly this will be an abridged day. So the key will be to get as much done in the time I have… Hoooo boy! The frustrations of computers doing their own thing. I checked. Changed. Rechecked. And programmed the useletter to go out. It looked good. Font colours were right […]