Day 62: Thursday 6 April Enrolment is not about forcing, cajoling, tricking, bargaining, pressuring, or guilt tripping. Enrolment is the art and practice of generating a spark of possibility for others to share. The Art of Possibility In my research today I came across the above quote. It reminded me that at the heart of […]


Day 45: Monday 13 March In doing research into Jeremy Till’s Architecture After Architecture I was reminded of his (ie the internet’s) rediscovery of the word respair: the opposite of despair—renewed hope, recovery from a period of anguish or hopelessness Respair is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s an apt word to start […]

Bitsy not busy

Day 25: Monday 13 February A day of contemplation and learning. Sometimes you’ve got to give in to the need to be quiet, listen and to receive. Bitsy A bitsy day of learning and would have benefited from a more focussed task. Instead I was reading up on leadership. Using it for media posts, the […]

Beginning the new spruik

Day 17: Wednesday 1 February Smashed it today. Had my head down and didn’t really stop, except enforced break for lunch, and when I’d pretty much fried me thinkin’ by mid-late arvo! First day of the month and a day for… Reviews & goals How did January go? I’m giving myself a pass. Given it […]

Selling… out in the world

Day 15: Monday 30 January OK, the big task for the week (the important work) is to get better at my sales efforts and identifying channels and tactics. It’s surprising how many ideas it’s possible to come up when sitting down and making the effort.And what’s more, not all of them made me uncomfortable.Also loved […]

Important v valuable

Day 14: Friday 27 January Fridays are seldom the most productive day, especially a Friday after a pubic holiday. The trick for me is to keep working on something constructive, if not important. Being creative, learning or just getting ideas and copy written down. Just keep going and avoid voids in the day. To be […]

It feels vulnerable

Day 12: Tuesday 24 January Posted the behemoth What seemed like a good idea to dive into a little research and start some thinking on ideas around flexible work turned into a 10 minute read! Not my usual compact blog post of 4-6 minute read! It’s messy, uneven and probably has big holes through it. […]