Day 65: Friday 14 April Thinking about precedent and crossbreeding today I recalled a story Richard Feynman told. I need to dig it out to confirm the details. This took place either at university or when he started working at Los Alamos, when they were developing the atomic bomb. Quite possibly he always did this. […]

Questions not asked

Day 59: Monday 3 April It’s not just about assumptions. It’s about those questions we fail to ask altogether. Accepting without question. When thinking about questions to ask in a workshop on leadership for architects, it occurred to me that we don’t ask why leadership is important. It’s a question that we often skip over […]

You’re seldom alone

Day 53: Friday 24 March In business, when things aren’t going well or worse, unravelling, it’s unlikely you’re the first. Those challenges you’re facing. It’s likely someone else is facing or has faced those too. It’s worthwhile reminding yourself of that. So you don’t feel so alone and hopeless. It’s advice I needed a couple […]

Start again

Day 52: Thursday 23 March Today I went down a rabbit hole with a friend. They’d come by to help me rebuild, rethink or recognise what I was doing over at unmeasured. Instead we saw a common ground of overwhelm at what we were trying to do. Our purpose. Finding we were not alone. No […]

It’s in the culture

Day 48: Thursday 16 March Had a day of living in other’s minds. Reading and writing. Can’t forget this from Simon Sinek’s podcast “Saying ‘no’ saves you.” – Seth Godin because Saying ‘yes’ puts you on the hook. If you say yes to something you must go through with it. And if you’re unable to […]


Day 45: Monday 13 March In doing research into Jeremy Till’s Architecture After Architecture I was reminded of his (ie the internet’s) rediscovery of the word respair: the opposite of despair—renewed hope, recovery from a period of anguish or hopelessness Respair is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s an apt word to start […]

lost not lost

Day 43: Thursday 9 March Sometimes something comes along that really nails something you’ve been pondering, Why do we (so often) need an All Is Lost Moment in our own lives to break through to another level? Can’t we just do it at a happy time? Do we have to push ourselves to the absolute […]

blindspot uncovered

Day 42: Wednesday 8 March As I research and read I am struck by the thought, “I am back at the start” It’s not quite accurate, but it certainly feels like I’ve let go of the past work for unmeasured. Or at least I’m open minded to starting over. It’s inevitable there will be some […]

Too kind and gentle

Day 38: Thursday 2 March So I had my arse kicked last night. In a good way. Sat down with a very smart friend (who’s also done some coaching). It was pointed out by her, and coincidentally another friend yesterday in an email, that perhaps I’m too too kind and gentle in the way I […]

Coaching myself

Day 32: Wednesday 22 February Today is a day to pull on some threads Taking the time to see what I’m noticing when I’m doing my work as well as working through the Key Person of Influence book. This post is more of a scratch pad. Another email written and went out today out about […]