Questions not asked

Day 59: Monday 3 April It’s not just about assumptions. It’s about those questions we fail to ask altogether. Accepting without question. When thinking about questions to ask in a workshop on leadership for architects, it occurred to me that we don’t ask why leadership is important. It’s a question that we often skip over […]

To lead or not to lead

Day 56: Wednesday 29 March Leadership is not for everyone. I think that’s easy to forget in an aspirational culture. I love Derek Siver’s observation that being a follower is an important leadership role too. Sometimes it’s OK to follow and not feel like you need to lead. Leadership takes bandwidth and it might be […]

Self compassion

Day 30: Monday 20 February There are always more people who are willing to help than you imagine. It just requires you asking for help. Asking for help can be a vulnerable feeling, but frankly it’s better than struggling alone. So this week, I’m being vulnerable, humble and asking for help. Talking to those generously […]

Sh!t scared

Day 22: Wednesday 8 February It’a always worth taking the time to slow down, pause and take in everything. Giving yourself the time to notice things. Here’s what I’m noticing based on asking what workshops are of interest: Leadership for Architects, Teamwork Skills, and Teamwork Skills. The overwhelming preference was for leadership. So I posted […]