New clear

Day 44: Friday 10 March Steady as she goes. As I continue to work through the bits and pieces, new clarity is coming. Workshop It’s always been my goal that in my workshops the emphasis remains firmly on the work. It’s the way the teaching will stick, the learning will be meaningful and the ideas […]

The return

Day 36: Tuesday 28 February It’s truncated Tuesday and a day of writing and thinking. Drafted the next useletter (to go out tomorrow) where I hesitate to admit to struggling with my work. Fascinated with why that might be. It’s not as if I have overly held back here for anyone to see. The discomfort […]

There be elephants

Day 29: Friday 17 February It feels easier to stare straight ahead. Safer. Not knowing if there’s an elephant in the room behind you. But eventually you’re going to have to look. Because the elephant, if it’s there, usually sits between you and the next room you need to get to. And if you avoid […]

Not written by AI

Day 21: Tuesday 7 February It’s truncated Tuesday, the day when any break in play seems to have flow on effects. I need to get better at planning my Tuesdays with more short manageable tasks that fit in the gaps, or those that can sustain the stop start of meetings and other planned interruptions. Yes […]

Beginning the new spruik

Day 17: Wednesday 1 February Smashed it today. Had my head down and didn’t really stop, except enforced break for lunch, and when I’d pretty much fried me thinkin’ by mid-late arvo! First day of the month and a day for… Reviews & goals How did January go? I’m giving myself a pass. Given it […]

Yes… but!

Day 10: Friday 20 January Some days no matter what you do, things just don’t come out right. The plan today was to really dig into thinking about, researching and writing about remote and flexible work. Fair to say, my focus was off. Here’s where my problem was… Starting with bad to allow for the […]