Day 62: Thursday 6 April Enrolment is not about forcing, cajoling, tricking, bargaining, pressuring, or guilt tripping. Enrolment is the art and practice of generating a spark of possibility for others to share. The Art of Possibility In my research today I came across the above quote. It reminded me that at the heart of […]

To lead or not to lead

Day 56: Wednesday 29 March Leadership is not for everyone. I think that’s easy to forget in an aspirational culture. I love Derek Siver’s observation that being a follower is an important leadership role too. Sometimes it’s OK to follow and not feel like you need to lead. Leadership takes bandwidth and it might be […]


Day 54: Monday 27 March Coming out of the ditch. I had many conversations on Friday that showed me the challenges I face in my work. Whilst none of them make the work easier, it’s reassuring. It’s not entirely me. It’s a hard nut to crack and maybe I won’t. The thing here is that […]

It’s in the culture

Day 48: Thursday 16 March Had a day of living in other’s minds. Reading and writing. Can’t forget this from Simon Sinek’s podcast “Saying ‘no’ saves you.” – Seth Godin because Saying ‘yes’ puts you on the hook. If you say yes to something you must go through with it. And if you’re unable to […]

blindspot uncovered

Day 42: Wednesday 8 March As I research and read I am struck by the thought, “I am back at the start” It’s not quite accurate, but it certainly feels like I’ve let go of the past work for unmeasured. Or at least I’m open minded to starting over. It’s inevitable there will be some […]