New clear

Day 44: Friday 10 March Steady as she goes. As I continue to work through the bits and pieces, new clarity is coming. Workshop It’s always been my goal that in my workshops the emphasis remains firmly on the work. It’s the way the teaching will stick, the learning will be meaningful and the ideas […]


Day 39: Friday 3 March Urgh! A disrupted WFH day. With a number of interruptions and a very noisy construction site across the road. Fair to say the ‘W’ in WFH is very liberally applied. I can now see how much less effective my work is at home – despite a number of mitigating factors! […]

The curate’s egg

Day 34: Friday 24 February I was tempted to leave this page deliberately blank. But that would be lazy and hiding. The truth is, today was good and bad. (Even if I feel mostly bad) The good In my Reach Out practice I caught up with two wonderful architects, had a long and thoughtful discussion. […]

Not covid

Day 24: Friday 10 February Not covid but sick today Not so sick that I was in bed all day, but sick enough that achieving anything today was hard. The challenge for me on days like this is not to beat myself up about not doing any work. If I’m wiped and in bed all […]


Day 19: Friday 3 February on gratitude Last night I was having a drink with two other architect friends and the conversation turned to gratitude practice. Two of us have one, plus I do one with my 8 year old daughter over breakfast. If your unfamiliar with the practice there’s plenty out there on the […]

Important v valuable

Day 14: Friday 27 January Fridays are seldom the most productive day, especially a Friday after a pubic holiday. The trick for me is to keep working on something constructive, if not important. Being creative, learning or just getting ideas and copy written down. Just keep going and avoid voids in the day. To be […]

Yes… but!

Day 10: Friday 20 January Some days no matter what you do, things just don’t come out right. The plan today was to really dig into thinking about, researching and writing about remote and flexible work. Fair to say, my focus was off. Here’s where my problem was… Starting with bad to allow for the […]

I’m here for the humans

Day 5: Friday 13 January To be done today Clear is kind The nice thing about writing for social media is that it needs to be succinct. The idea needs to be clear in order for it to stop the scroll and have someone take a moment and consider what you’ve posted. It’s a good […]