Day 65: Friday 14 April Thinking about precedent and crossbreeding today I recalled a story Richard Feynman told. I need to dig it out to confirm the details. This took place either at university or when he started working at Los Alamos, when they were developing the atomic bomb. Quite possibly he always did this. […]

Remember, people love to help

Day 64: Thursday 13 April So often I might hesitate to ask for help. To reach out to an acquaintance or colleague or even to someone I’ve only an oblique connection. But I met with a past student of mine. She asked for help. I was very happy to do so. I could have said […]


Day 63: Wednesday 12 April Been thinking about a new frame for my work on a better culture in the profession. In his book Build- An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making, Tony Fadell writes about how Steve Jobs used metaphor for Apple’s big ideas. A metaphor makes ideas immediately accessible and gives them […]


Day 62: Thursday 6 April Enrolment is not about forcing, cajoling, tricking, bargaining, pressuring, or guilt tripping. Enrolment is the art and practice of generating a spark of possibility for others to share. The Art of Possibility In my research today I came across the above quote. It reminded me that at the heart of […]


Day 61: Wednesday 5 April Randomness from a random day. To embrace precedent requires Making space for curiosity requires making space for the humility of opening yourself up to being wrong. To being open to rethink what it is you do, believe and think possible. A space for “Yes and” and “can if” -itySuffix forming […]

Where’s the tension?

Day 60: Tuesday 4 April To be unavoidably meta, The tension for me is being able to identify the tension that those I wish to work with are experiencing. I mapped out my ideal work week. Super fun and interesting exercise I sometimes do with my clients. It helped to clarify some of my thinking […]

Keep going

Day 57: Thursday 30 March Positive feedback is always seductive but I’ve always been uneasy with it. Yes, it’s nice to receive. But I’ve always felt I don’t learn much from it as I would like. Negative critique, however, is an opportunity to embrace what make things better. Of course that “better” might just be […]

future of practice

Day 55: Tuesday 28 March When attending a webinar about the future of practice lead by a technology company (as I did today) it’s no surprise they’ll assert the future is tech. It wasn’t their only pitch but it was strongly worded around it. There’s no doubt that technology will hugely influence the future of […]


Day 54: Monday 27 March Coming out of the ditch. I had many conversations on Friday that showed me the challenges I face in my work. Whilst none of them make the work easier, it’s reassuring. It’s not entirely me. It’s a hard nut to crack and maybe I won’t. The thing here is that […]

You’re seldom alone

Day 53: Friday 24 March In business, when things aren’t going well or worse, unravelling, it’s unlikely you’re the first. Those challenges you’re facing. It’s likely someone else is facing or has faced those too. It’s worthwhile reminding yourself of that. So you don’t feel so alone and hopeless. It’s advice I needed a couple […]