Remember, people love to help

Day 64: Thursday 13 April

So often I might hesitate to ask for help. To reach out to an acquaintance or colleague or even to someone I’ve only an oblique connection.

But I met with a past student of mine. She asked for help. I was very happy to do so. I could have said no, but I wanted to help.

People love to help.

The worst they can do is say no, or suggest maybe in the future but often they’re more than happy. Liek I was.

Remember, people love to help

But they can’t offer or know you need it if you don’t ask.

Thinking today of how the metaphor of selective of cross breeding for the profession is also another variation on a way of escaping the bubble.

It is, to pardon the pun, a fecund metaphor.

The blog in part for next week:

…I’m not suggesting literally breeding.

That would be creepy.

And wrong.

But I am suggesting finding ways to escape the bubble the architecture profession stays within. Not just escaping but also actively seeking out the new strategies, structures and skills to benefit practice as well as identifying traits that are creating friction and ways to overcome them. It’s not good enough to read a book, attend a seminar, do a workshop, it takes a vigorous and engaged practice (and I’ll not further my metaphor here).

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