Where’s the tension?

Day 60: Tuesday 4 April

To be unavoidably meta,

The tension for me is being able to identify the tension that those I wish to work with are experiencing.

I mapped out my ideal work week. Super fun and interesting exercise I sometimes do with my clients. It helped to clarify some of my thinking – more so around what I don’t want to do. The challenge I face is that I have little more than a generalised idea of the type of coaching, consulting and workshop work I’m offering. More importantly I’m not yet clear on the unmet need I’m meeting or the problem I’m solving fro my clients.

Or at least in a way that would be meaningful for them. Which is the name of the game.

As someone else remarked I might be a little ahead of the curve in terms of nurturing future of architectural practice and culture as a business as opposed to academic exercise.

It doesn’t matter what problems or challenges I identify for my potential clients, if they’re not seeing or experiencing them. Anything I might say or do will be irrelevant.

I’m yet to articulate this unmet need or problem to solve in any meaningful way. I’m yet to find an exercise that might help to unearth it too.

Without this unmet need or problem identified, Unmeasured is nothing.

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