Questions not asked

Day 59: Monday 3 April

It’s not just about assumptions.

It’s about those questions we fail to ask altogether.

Accepting without question.

When thinking about questions to ask in a workshop on leadership for architects, it occurred to me that we don’t ask why leadership is important. It’s a question that we often skip over when leaping into what makes a good leader or how to lead. It was interesting seeing the reaction to the question. At first people were confounded. They then jumped to answers that were largely (albeit not literally) focussed on the need to have someone to follow. It provoked me to write my own answer to the question for my blog this week.

It’s also left me thinking about those questions we don’t think to ask. Those ones that we should ask upfront but instead we take as a given.

There’s many that have come up over the last few years that immediately jump to mind as they’re now being asked such as:

What’s an office for and do we need them?

Do we need to work 5 days a week?

Do we all need to be in the same room to meet? or even, Do we need to do meetings?

These questions remain unasked because they often require a trigger. A reason to ask them. Such as a workshop, or a global pandemic.

One question I need to ask is, What is unmeasured for?

and also embrace this thinking on behalf of others as part of my work. It’s not going back to first principles but questioning them in the first place. Interested to see where this line of thinking leads.

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