A world view

Day 58: Friday 31 March

No-one likes to be challenged on their world view.

When someone challenges us on our beliefs we might arc up. Resist the suggestion and block our ears.

It’s called psychological reactance.

The thing is I know this. I know how much I hate people telling me what to do, believe or that I’m wrong. I also know I’m not alone in this, albeit aware that I’m in the especially resistant column!

So it’s a little nuts of me to do it to others.

Not only that, it’s a little nuts of me to call people out for being wrong or doing badly and then expect them to employ me to help them. They’re going to push back. Deny that there’s a problem or they need help.

It might be an opportunity to get curious and ask questions.

It might also be an opportunity to identify what better looks like, rather than calling out what’s bad.

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