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Day 57: Thursday 30 March

Positive feedback is always seductive but I’ve always been uneasy with it.

Yes, it’s nice to receive.

But I’ve always felt I don’t learn much from it as I would like.

Negative critique, however, is an opportunity to embrace what make things better. Of course that “better” might just be for one person. It comes down to who it’s for. Is that negative feedback relevant? And can you do something constructive with it?

It’s lovely to have, for example, 10 true fans.

It’s better to have 100.

And better again, dare I say best, to have 1000 true fans.

But in all cases the point is not the number of fans but if they’re a viable number of fans.

10 true fans might be enough if you’re charging them $50K per year for your services and ongoing. 100 true fans might not be nearly close enough if they’re only paying $10 once only for a product that cost $1mil to develop. Scale and perspective are important.

The questions to ask here are,

How many true fans do I need to reach a minimum viable number?

What do I need to do to reach the minimum viable number of true fans?

It’s easy to be seduced by the cheer squad shouting “Keep going!” but it’s up to you to decide if you should. And whether the journey is viable.

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