To lead or not to lead

Day 56: Wednesday 29 March

Leadership is not for everyone. I think that’s easy to forget in an aspirational culture.

I love Derek Siver’s observation that being a follower is an important leadership role too.

Sometimes it’s OK to follow and not feel like you need to lead. Leadership takes bandwidth and it might be that that’s not where your skills lie. Sometimes it’s best to focus on where you can make the greatest contribution and that doesn’t have to involve leadership.

For my leadership workshop tomorrow, I’m opening with a question (the first of several).

Why do you think leadership is important?

I think we all intuitively know it is import and and rarely take the time to consider it. We notice it most when it’s lacking or it’s bad. Why we think it’s important allows us to frame how we want to lead or at the very least considering what are the sorts of leaders we want.

Here’s why I think leadership is important

Leaders establish the culture

it’s not the only reason

but it’s a big one

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