Start again

Day 52: Thursday 23 March

Today I went down a rabbit hole with a friend.

They’d come by to help me rebuild, rethink or recognise what I was doing over at unmeasured.

Instead we saw a common ground of overwhelm at what we were trying to do. Our purpose. Finding we were not alone. No answers. Plenty of questions.

Lots of thrashing.

I’m left with a feeling of this isn’t a case of pulling apart and rebuilding but of starting over.

Maybe this isn’t for architects.

It feels big and overwhelming, so I’m trying to show some self-compassion. Stay away from the spiral. Give myself permission to play again.

Making space to once again explore ideas.


Making time to reach out to remarkable people. Hero’s, brilliant minds, renegades, rebels, opposites. Take the time to chat. See the world through their eyes to see what I then might learn and see. Taking myself outside of my own bubble

Some questions:

  • Where are my boundaries?
  • What are the possibilities?
  • What are the problems to be solved?
  • How do I craft the conversations to get into the space I’d like to be?

Grateful I have space to play.

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