To blog or not to blog

Day 50: Tuesday 21 March

The last two days have seen me write two half blog posts.

There’s some good bits in both and maybe there’s the germ of a good idea in both. But I found myself thinking half-way through, Is this useful or me being clever? The answer is both, but I didn’t feel like either had a good enough idea at their heart. Rather they were a bit like me playing with an idea, exploring it, without really knowing what it was for. I don’t feel like that’s good enough. There’s something in both of them and I just need to give them a little space so I can see that better and extract the useful from the thoughtful.

Feeling lost

They’re very much the product of a lack of knowing where my focus should be and where I’m going.

Once I know where I’m going, I’ll have a better idea of what I should be writing.

I was leaning towards writing so I could see where I was going.

It didn’t work.

It’s all made up

I like this bit I wrote this as an introduction:

“Hey! They’re girl’s sunglasses!”

The shout came from the kerb as I brake at a red light. A shout I knew meant for me.

Incredulous. Tempted to ignore it. Instead I look over. A polyestered scrapper, grinning at me.

I size him up through my over-sized Cancer Council women’s shades. “Yes. I know. Thanks.”

“Those sunglasses, you know they’re for girls.”

“Yes. Thanks… You know it’s made up right?”


“That these are for women. That’s made up.”


“Fashion is made up. What’s for women. What’s for men. What’s for both. All made up.”

“What? Yeah, uh-huh!”

The lights change. I push off leaving scrapper agog. As if he’d heard his favourite rapper had found religion and taken a vow of silence.

Are architects my clients?

Who is unmeasured for?

What is unmeasured for?

This is interesting:

To take the learning of a diverse range of disciplines and incorporate it into… (what?)

What is the tangible and measurable thing that this ☝? thinking leads to?

  • New creative discipline
  • New creative collaboration
  • New creative co-operative
  • New creative operation
  • New creative process

  • Think tank
  • Consultancy
  • Office
  • Repositioned profession

Funkin’ hell

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