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Day 48: Thursday 16 March

Had a day of living in other’s minds. Reading and writing.

Can’t forget this from Simon Sinek’s podcast

“Saying ‘no’ saves you.” – Seth Godin


Saying ‘yes’ puts you on the hook. If you say yes to something you must go through with it. And if you’re unable to fully commit or your heart isn’t in it, you might fail. And that serves no-one. So saying ‘no’ saves you.

Further to this, I’ve been thinking of when my daughter was young. She had no problem saying ‘no’. It was one fo the few words she knew and she used it liberally. She used it because she didn’t care what anyone thought. She used it because she was “saving herself”. Which may or may not have been true but it was her truth.

Better culture

McKinsey research found that 82 percent of employees believe it’s important for their company to have a purpose.

the key to successful reinvention is culture.

Companies with strong culture achieve three times higher total return to shareholders than others.

Employees are leaving [the office] because they don’t know why to stay, much less commute. To address this, and to turn the office into a competitive advantage, executives should focus on making their workplaces matter and measuring their success.

Atlassian and PwC: 69% of employees would turn down a promotion to preserve their mental well-being.

Where is architectural practice in the following?…

McKinsey global managing partner Kevin Sneader… reminding executives of the need to continually reinvent their companies. He cautioned against becoming complacent when powerful trends like digitization take longer to bear fruit than anticipated. Kevin used the analogy of the transition from sailing ships to steam ships. Steam power took decades to completely overtake sailing, he explained. Meanwhile, rather than innovate, some ship builders continued to simply try to build a better sailing vessel, often by adding more sails. They became obsolete and missed the chance to become part of the new era of steam.

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