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Day 46: Tuesday 14 March

A few years ago when I went to Burning Man, I was told I might find answers to my questions out on the playa. At the time I was toying with the idea of building what was the precursor to unmeasured. I didn’t force my thinking knowing answers had the space to come if they wanted to. In many respects what I was hoping might come were the cheat codes for realising this work. For identifying how I might do it as a side hustle. As the sun set over my time on the playa, it slowly dawned on me, I just had to do the work. There was no easy answer, no obvious answer, no cheat codes. Just ‘do the work’.

I had my answer.

No cheat codes

From the useletter draft:

We get excited with the idea of having the cheat codes, I know I do. The tantalising prospect of the unfair advantage. However most cheat codes take hard work. There’s no real short cut. The short cut sometimes to to keep going, even when it gets hard, because most give up at that point. Creating value and standing out from everyone else. The real cheat code is to understand who your work is for and what it is for. Never losing sight of your who and what, ensuring the hard work is firmly targeted at realising those two objectives.

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