New clear

Day 44: Friday 10 March

Steady as she goes.

As I continue to work through the bits and pieces, new clarity is coming.


It’s always been my goal that in my workshops the emphasis remains firmly on the work. It’s the way the teaching will stick, the learning will be meaningful and the ideas sit in context. In the past I’ve mixed up, exercises with stories and insights. Whilst it keeps people engaged I haven’t always felt it was as effective a teaching method as I would like. For my upcoming Leadership for Architects Workshop I think I identified today how I will do it. It’s going to work like a big coaching session. It’s worth experimenting with. As I told potential participants it’s going to be more like an alpha-test than beta-test. Today I saw how it might work and began planning it out.

From my side it’s about the questions and insights.

From the participants it’s about the answers and work that’s right for them.

Nothing revolutionary.

Going to take preparation and agility.

Scary / exciting.

Parfum de unmeasured

A new picture emerging.

As I continue to research and think about culture, there’s themes emerging.

The first as I’ve observed is around th importance of the workforce and wellbeing. The stat that I keep dwelling upon is the extremely high percentage of the younger generations, Millennials and Gen Z, who would be willing to forgo promotion to maintain wellbeing as well as who identify the importance of the vasues of their offices. When we overlay this with the existential crisis that the climate crisis presents for the architecture profession (ie, the most sustainable building is no building), there’s some series challenges for the profession ahead.

And that’s before we even begin to consider the impact that AI will have on the profession.

The overlap between Indy Johar, Jeremy Till and Reinier de Graaf is a fascinating one. I haven’t quite distilled those essential oils into a perfume that allures as yet. It needs top notes of corporate comprehension long with a base of human skills.

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