The beaded string

Day 41: Tuesday 7 March

Oh dear!

Architecture, it seems, has landed itself on the wrong side of history. Admittedly, confronted with the most pressing issues of our time—economic inequality, climate change and universally dwindling human rights—the discipline has not made a good showing: complicit in escalating house prices, an integral part of the largest CO2-emitting industry, and all too oblivious to the political machinations it helps perpetuate.

de Graaf, Reinier (2023-02-27T23:58:59.000). architect, verb. . Verso. Kindle Edition.

I’m expecting “architect, verb” will prove to be a fascinating ongoing read – so far so fascinating. With insights and ways into re-presenting practice that will be of interest to my clients. Whilst somewhat critical, will also reveal the weaknesses and blindspots to be addressed in order to elevate practice. The trick will be to couch the language in positivity and possibility, rather than critique and negativity. Using it to identify pain points and solutions or even opportunities.


As I may have previously noted the beauty of a daily blog like this, other than accountability, is that it makes a space for thinking, connecting the dots and distilling the thoughts into something coherent. Yesterday I spun my wheels a bit. It was only when I sat down to write here that I saw, or faced perhaps, what I had failed to do and now needed to do. Which was get clarity on what I’m focussing on and what it was all for. Today I did that first.

Here’s where it landed:

The Why

To change the culture of the profession for the better. So that architects might be better supported within and thereby better able to contribute to leadership in the community and the built environment.

The What

  • Let’s think about this as a thread that is about changing the culture of the profession – ie my ‘Why’. (To rethink architecture practice and culture, so that a better architectural profession might be developed, through skills and leadership.)
    • The thread: the thing that underlies and holds together the intelligence of unmeasured.
  • Primary beads on this thread:
    • Corporate thinking and language around the metrics of practice. Focusing on the churn, on building a resilient office, on the statistics that show what people want or the consequences in particular of inaction.
    • Leadership: Developing the leadership so that the leaders drive the cultural shift – not me.
    • Future of the profession: significant change is here. What is the profession’s vision and desire for practice? What is it they might need to understand? What do others (within) see? What identity does it want to project, one that’s not skewered through with weasel words and naivety?
    • The view from without: escaping the bubble fo the profession, what can be learnt if we take the time to add a bead or two that shapes the culture and challenges the group think. Who are the people and disciplines they should be learning from – not those that are already consulting to the profession but those that are truly removed.

AI can’t lead

The blog for this week.

Didn’t nail it. It’s more of a rough sketch of the idea and really needs some work.

But the underlying intent. It’s insight. That’s something worth thinking more on.

What’s also worth thinking about is how the blog is being used to inform all the new thinking for unmeasured. Testing ideas. Honing the writing. Building the armature.

I’m not convinced a post on AI and leadership is that. As noted yesterday, it’s more on the edge of my work.

It’s not got much traction either.

Titles are hard. Note to self: must spend more time thinking about possible titles (or getting AI to suggest some – ironic, not ironic!)

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