the profession’s last chance

Day 40: Monday 6 March

The challenge I’m currently facing is that I’m not quite sure what I’m looking for. I’m more used to researching a very specific subject or idea. Instead I’m fishing around in a realm I’m unfamiliar with. It’s uncomfortable and tentative.

The reality is that I haven’t taken the time to think about this. To understand what I’m doing it for. I just started without taking the time to more clerly define my objectives. I see this now at the end of a day when I read some intersting but perhaps unhelpful articles.

What also became apparent in my reading was the challenge the profession faces in the future. Reinier de Graaf writes about it in a few articles on Dezeen but not such that it has clearly lit a path for me. Theer’s something in his writing and that of Jeremy Till. They’re both worthy of investing some time in and the key for unmeasured might be in investigating the overlap here between their ideas on the future of the profession and the challenges faced by the leadership of the profession in regard to culture.

I need to use this insight to distill down my research and find focus on the important work.

AI can’t lead

It’s my blog post to be published tomorrow.

It sits at the edge of what I’m doing. More an opportunity to explore my thinking on an idea and insight than really drilling down into future thinking for unmeasured.

The question for architects is how do they want to lead? Leadership will be a crucial skill for the profession when AI begins to impact their work.

What I see here is that the profession will need to change. It’s not so much under threat but at risk of not embracing the possibilities change brings. These possibilities are less about shoring up their work opportunities and more about using it to identify the value of what they do and more so more universal values. Those things that are important, if not crucial, in the design of our built environment.

It’s an opportunity to show leadership in the service of the public rather than the service of the profession.

My guess is that it’s going to be the profession’s last chance before they risk being too marginalised and made irrelevant. Reinier de Graaf has written to this effect.

There’s certainly something here in regard to a repositioning and rethinking of unmeasured. If only I had seen this at the start of the day. Although sometimes you need to do the work in order to make the answers appear obvious and like you should have done that from the outset!

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