Too kind and gentle

Day 38: Thursday 2 March

So I had my arse kicked last night.

In a good way.

Sat down with a very smart friend (who’s also done some coaching).

It was pointed out by her, and coincidentally another friend yesterday in an email, that perhaps I’m too too kind and gentle in the way I was going about this and I should go more hard core in my pitch and work. Working with leaders in practices in order to shift the overall culture of the profession – which is my Why to some extent. Starting at the top rather than from the bottom or middle. It’s the leaders who drive culture. It’s giving me another way in to how to reshape unmeasured and pitch it.

The approach is much more to bring a hard nosed business pitch to it. Rather than starting from the frame of building human skills, start from a frame around financial value. Using corporate literature to back up the pitch, Gartner, PwC, etc.

It scares the shit out of me. It’s not really my thing. I also see that’s exactly the reason to try it. It’s a pitch that needs to be built up with evidence and corporate lingo. Cheat codes as it was put to me!

Monthly Review

Yes a day or two late, but done!

This month I had my arse handed to me in a sling. I knew that. It was the review process that I’ve adopted this year that shone the harsh light on the poor progress I was making. And I made the decision to look. Which I needed to do in order to make a decision or at least course correct. Another step in learning.


When I sat down to do my review today I actually managed to do many of the things I set out to, or at least make a reasonable start at them. The month didn’t seem so bad. I had executed, but not so much got the results I was seeking. It’s another good lesson. In part I need to be more intentional in doing the work that is giving me the results I want and pay closer attention if it’s not. It’s the possibility of getting caught in the busy work rather than the important work.

Intentionally reviewing progress has allowed me to course correct.


I saw that there was a lot of positive things to come out of the month. Had some great insights that will be valuable. Finding new ways into the work. This came out of the spiralling and thrashing but also because I had reached out and connected with different people. The practice of reach outs has been an importnat part of growing and developing my thinking. It’s going to be increasingly important if I want to pursue the community idea and do it as a process of co-creation.

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