Day 37: Wednesday 1 March

Today I’m feeling a bit scared shitless.

Thanks to the big hairy audacious idea I mentioned yesterday.

I’ve cooled it a little today and have it on the slow burn to wrap my brains around. But there’s an overwhelm in the scale. And doubt. And a knowing I just have to start.

So I have

Planning it all out on a kanban board to see what it looks like.

Asking important questions like, What’s if for? and Who’s it for? and a bigger one that I’m yet to wrap my head around, and it’s perhaps the most important one of all

What’s the unmet need that the online community for architects resolves?

I have ideas, possible answers, but yet to convince myself that they’re enough to really leap. It’s going to require some deeper research, conversations and thought.

The radical reimagination

Something else I wrote that I can’t stop thinking about

The challenge is not to build unmeasured around the way others would do it, but instead build it the way Michael would do it. As a radical reimagination of unmeasured.


What is the way Michael would build it?

The way that reflects me, my thinking, experience and values?

I don’t know.

It’s so so very hard to go back to first principles. To not think of the elephant when someone tells you not to. Realistically it will take help. Engaging someone to show me the bits that are original Michael and the bits that are borrowed.

The hard admission

I embraced the honesty of this blog and write about my struggles in my useletter. Which can be viewed HERE.

We’re so often exposed to people’s highlight reels on their social media feeds, blogs or websites, it’s important to show that it’s not easy. It can be really fucking hard. You can see this all play out as I thrash away on the blog here. I’m wondering what it would look like to share our failures more. I regularly advocate for embracing our own failures as a step in learning, but what if we were able to learn from others in this way. It’s vulnerable and hard but we wouldn’t feel so alone in our failure if we shared them more. And in a way we wouldn’t feel like we failed but that we had learnt in the same way most other people have to to.

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