The return

Day 36: Tuesday 28 February

It’s truncated Tuesday and a day of writing and thinking.

Drafted the next useletter (to go out tomorrow) where I hesitate to admit to struggling with my work. Fascinated with why that might be. It’s not as if I have overly held back here for anyone to see. The discomfort comes from drawing attention to the struggle.

My intention here is to hold myself accountable as well as to help others with my story and insights. Why not share? It’s the point. It’s uncomfortable and that’s also the point. To get more comfortable in the discomfort.

Link to the useletter will be in tomorrow’s post, when the email goes out. The useful part tomorrow is on delegation, which has cropped up in a number of conversations over the last couple of weeks. So i’ve dug into that a bit, wish I knew more about that when I was in practice!

Embracing uncertainty

As part of my rethinking process I’m embracing uncertainty and rethinking how I’m going to do my Leadership for Architects Workshop. If I’m going to pull unmeasured apart and put it back together again in a different way, why not take that approach to my workshops. Experimenting with new ways of doing my work, knowing it might not work but leaning into that. In the spirit of doing things more my way and less the way of other people, I’m considering what that looks like from what the business looks like through to how I deliver the work.

It’s an experiment, likely taking it back to an alpha test more so than even a beta test!

An oldy but maybe a goody

One of the original tentpoles of unmeasured was going to be a community. I put it on pause for various reasons, not least of which was how hard it is to realise. In all my thrashing, thinking and writing it struck me today that a community was the truest reflection of my ambitions for unmeasured.

In the spirit of that ambition as well as going big rather than keeping myself small (one of my mantras the last week or so), I’m exploring my options for a community.

This time I see a different way of approaching it, albeit harder and more risky.

One aspect of this is to be as audacious and ambitious for it as possible and from the outset. Starting with the ambition built in, instead of “coming soon”.

The other critical aspect is not to do it alone. To identify partners I can work with from the outset. Using their input to shape and deliver the community. In part social proof, in part support, and in part integral to the offerings.

The other thing I realised, as I reviewed past work on it, I had lot’s of incredible ideas of what might be possible. Today I came up with a heap more.

It looks ambitious, crazy and maybe just possible.

The key will be to research my thinking and design as much as reasonably possible. Working with partners and have them help shape the vision. Not build it alone and exclusively my design. My plan is to reach out to as many people and organisations as possible. Seeking feedback, help or more. I feel more positive about it than I ever have. Whilst knowing it won’t be easy, it’ll be farking hard.

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