Day 33: Thursday 23 February




Sometimes you have to zoom out

or go back to first principles

Am I where I want to be, or where I should be?

Have a gone down a cul de sac

or taken the wrong fork?

I don’t know, yet.

It’s not so much the skills I have but where I should be channelling them.

Key Persons of Influence thrashing

Working through the exercises I can see threads.

A questioning of the status quo.

Not being afraid to take a risk and try something new, knowing the biggest risk is in not trying. (Maybe this is where I am once again)

Pulling ideas from unexpected places, discovering new relationships as a result.

Working individually and to my own drum.

Placing new boundaries, testing or moving others.

A new question: Have I gone too small when I should have gone big?

What makes me unique

What’s my “big game”?

Here’s where I got to:

To take the learning from a diverse range of disciplines and incorporate it into a reimagination of how we design our cities.

That last bit isn’t right. It’s not a “thing”.

Keep going.

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