Coaching myself

Day 32: Wednesday 22 February

Today is a day to pull on some threads

Taking the time to see what I’m noticing when I’m doing my work as well as working through the Key Person of Influence book.

This post is more of a scratch pad.

Another email written and went out today out about the leadership workshop for architects. The key was an insight I articulated – thought but never “posed out loud”. I wrote a blog yesterday covering many of the ideas and topics that will be included in the workshop. Such a post might be giving away too much, seemingly making the workshop unnecessary.


It’s one thing to understand what you’re meant to do, it’s another thing to put that knowledge into action. A big part of the workshop is about the practical application of that knowledge.

This is my work. Taking knowledge and turning into wisdom. Wisdom being applied knowledge.

Things I say and need to pay attention to more myself

A comment by me today on LinkedIn

The thing I always come back to is that people are only interested in what they value, not what you value. So it pays to be curious and try to understand what your clients and future clients value.

Ooof! As I wrote this I realised I have been guilty of ignoring what my future clients value and instead focusing on what I value. Of course there is some cross-over, but need to think about designing more about what my clients value. Do more than just a survey on LinkedIn and on my site.

The persistent nagging thought and insight that I still don’t know what to do with

I seem to have a knack of coming up with ideas. Ideas born out of insights and seeing things from a different perspective. Left field ideas. All related to what I’m doing, because it’s what I’m immersed in. In some respects there’s too many ideas, and many aren’t good. They distract me, away from my core work, or what I think is my core work. Ideas that fascinate me and send me down rabbit holes, thinking about how they might be realised, adopted or disseminated.

They come from being curious and a growth mindset. From reading or learning broadly and skill stacking. Sometimes it’s just from making unusual or unexpected connections.

There’s something in it. Maybe even a business. But I just don’t know what that looks like. Or even where to begin.

It’s design, but not as we know it.

Haven’t pieced it together and worth a closer look.

Self coaching

Here’s a last insight from my thrashing…

I have regularly gone out of my way to put myself in new positions of learning, not one where I know I will find answers but instead one that gives me new perspective on the problems so that I might come up with new and unexpected answers. (It’s what brought me to the altMBA)

When I wrote it down, I saw that it’ was not dissimilar’s not a million miles from a definition of coaching. In this case it’s a form of self-coaching.

Wondering what that looks like for me right now?

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