The right tool or a different job

Day 31: Tuesday 21 February

It’s truncated Tuesday and even more so due to a few other commitments.

Got the blog out.

Common leadership mistakes architects make in practice

It’s more epic than I imagined it would be. Took far longer. And is not as tidy a piece of writing as I would like. A combination of my thinking overlaid with what I’ve learnt in doing some reading for it. It needs a good edit, but the content is fine. It’s one of those shitty first drafts that I do for the blog in order to think through ideas, research the and get them onto the page. It can be uncomfortable putting them out into the world but it’s part of what the blog is for and it’s not overly uncomfortable to publish these days.


In my thrashing over the last few days, I’ve come to a point of acknowledging the message and core services needs retooling. It’s work to be done over the next week. Seeking feedback, insight and perspective. It’s more a case of sharpening the tools than buying a new or even a different set. Sometimes you need to ensure the tools are as sharp as they can be before establishing if they’re the right or wrong tool to use.

Not a perfect analogy.

Point being. It’s hard to know exactly what the problem is unless you fully test it.

It’s testing and experimenting time.

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