Self compassion

Day 30: Monday 20 February

There are always more people who are willing to help than you imagine.

It just requires you asking for help.

Asking for help can be a vulnerable feeling, but frankly it’s better than struggling alone.

So this week, I’m being vulnerable, humble and asking for help. Talking to those generously offering help, seeking new perspective, finding the blindspots and identifying the constructive work to be done.

Then following through and doing the hard work that might entail.

Keep going

This week is also about the work I’ve already got going on. Which is to focus on my clients, experiments and building my new workshop on leadership. Doing my writing. Connecting dots. Honing my ideas. And keeping on going.

Doing more on leadership

In building the workshop I’ve been thinking about how to build continuity between all the things I’m doing – the outputs. That means whilst I’m building, I’m reading and then using what I’m learning for media posts on leadership and blog posts on leadership. The post to come out tomorrow embodies this nicely, working title: “Learning from common leadership mistakes architects make in practice”


There’s a kicker

The thing that gave me pause today

The thing I often find

I’ve said it many times before and likely I’ll say it again

Sometimes we teach the things we most need to hear ourselves.

And as can be surmised from the title here, today that lesson is self compassion.

I’m cutting myself a little slack.

I should have got more done, but was still productive.

It wasn’t a zero day, just a slower one.

I got on with the simple tasks. Left the harder work, the frogs I might need to identify and swallow, for another day. And today, that’s OK.

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