Lost in translation

Day 27: Wednesday 15 February

A heady day.

All up in my head.

Not necessarily in a bad way.

Just thinking.

Percolating thoughts.

Brainstorming workshop ideas.

Which is important albeit less productive on the day.

It now needs to translate into a productive day of developing the workshop into a tangible force.

It’s AI but not as the central story

I know there’s something interesting that can be done in the conversation about AI. Not AI as the focus of the story or as protagonist for the profession but instead as the leaping off point for a conversation about the work that architects do. As a way that architects might distinguish themselves from less skilled practitioners/designers.

I posted something to Twitter and LinkedIn still trying to get the thinking and the way of describing it clear…

Here’s a different take on AI, architects and architecture.

It’s likely AI will design a better project home (tract housing, mass housing, McMansions, call it what you will.)

It’s unlikely in the near future AI will design better buildings of nuance, complexity and with humans central to design decision making.

That’s a story for architects to tell. A story that describes their abilities, expertise and value. A story architects should embrace and start telling publicly and loudly.

AI gives architects a different way to talk about their value and what they do.

AI can lead to a better story.

It’s work in progress but I think there’s something in it. It’s not just about human skills but about a point of difference, in expertise. Hoped I might get some thoughtful comments that would hone my thinking and language but I suspect I didn’t make my point clearly enough.

The idea was perhaps lost in translation from my head to the written word.

A useletter on gratitude for teams

I enjoyed writing this one. It was a useful exercise for me that will further infomr my leadership workshop.

Do I need a slide deck?

Got some good work done on what the workshop might look like?

The big question is, writ there above.

I like the idea of it. It’s translatable to online or live. It’s a matter of engaging the audience and being clear in instruction for any work that’s to be done.


Seeking insight and help from others.

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