Bitsy not busy

Day 25: Monday 13 February

A day of contemplation and learning. Sometimes you’ve got to give in to the need to be quiet, listen and to receive.


A bitsy day of learning and would have benefited from a more focussed task. Instead I was reading up on leadership. Using it for media posts, the useletter, leadership background (for the workshop) and in anticipation of some coaching calls. It would have been better to focus in on just one task and do that.

Not a waste of time. Instead one that feels like there were only small achievements. Highlighting the Getting Things Done principle of having one main task for the day!

Lessons from a Reach Out

Valuable chat today highlighting a similarity of thinking and a reaffirmation of some of what I see.

Question: am I sitting too often in a comfortable bubble? I should seek out more people I disagree with.

The answer of course is YES & YES! And acknowledging that it’s not always a bad thing. It still makes a space for honing the ideas, the thinking and making new discoveries.

In a discussion about how much traction Parlour has been able to get and maintain I noted they had really developed their community. Indeed they had spent time building the community more so than trying to solve problems.

Sometimes it’s better to build a community before leaping into finding and solving problems.

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