Sh!t scared

Day 22: Wednesday 8 February

It’a always worth taking the time to slow down, pause and take in everything. Giving yourself the time to notice things.

Here’s what I’m noticing based on asking what workshops are of interest: Leadership for Architects, Teamwork Skills, and Teamwork Skills. The overwhelming preference was for leadership. So I posted today on Twitter and LinkedIn identifying 5 leaders I’d worked with in the profession who I admired. Interestingly the response is largely from people I would consider already take on some leadership role in the profession. It suggests to me that there’s an interest but disconnection too. Or based on my survey, there’s an interest and many don’t know quite how to engage in the conversation.

As for the relative silence on teamwork and flexible work, I’m taking that as anything from disinterest to denial. Do architects think they have those things under control? Which is not what I see.

Of course, it’s all made up! As Brené Brown observed, “In the absence of information, we make up stories.”

I don’t have all the information I need to make these declarations. There’s a lot that I’m inferring from the data I have. The interesting part of this is that whilst I recognise it’s needed it’s another thing to seel it. The question is, is this something that need a different pitch. One that’s more generous, not here’s what you’re doing wrong, but here’s what you could do better. Or better still something that is not drawing attention to the issue but instead wrapping it in something else, Trojan Horse style, and selling outcomes rather than exercises.

Sh!t scared

Here’s a very real fear of mine…

That I’m not going to build enough momentum and supporters in order to make this whole shebang sustainable.

Whilst there’s been an OK response to putting these beta workshops into the world, the response is not what it needs to be.

I’m going to let this campaign run its course. Still try a few things so I can properly assess it. Then start thinking about how I might do things differently. I’m confident in the product, just not in the selling. And it does scare the shit out of me. New ways of selling may well take me into the puke zone. Which is a good thing, I know, but also… it’s the puke zone!


OK. So this seems important.

Whilst it’s been a start point of so much of Unmeasured, I’ve also held back to some extent.

It’s time to double down on this conversation.

Time to dig into some more leadership reading.

It was already time, I’m doing a workshop! Stands reiterating and emphasising.

The more I read or listen to a topic, the more I notice and connect important observations, insights and key learning.

That’s when I notice even more!

and the sun came out

Always find the introductory chats with potential clients a challenge. There’s always a tendency to jump in with answers or insights, when it’s better to be curious and ask questions. Focusing in on them, reflecting what I see, and not focussing on myself.

Needs work.

Need a few more prompts for myself before going in to the chat.

Listen . Reflect . Be curious . Ask questions . Make space for them to ask questions

Felt like the sun shone, rather than went behind a cloud.

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