Meeting the muse

Day 20: Monday 6 February

Some days it’s just hard to find your way in.

Not for a lack of motivation or energy or tasks to do.

Just trying to tune the thinking and gather the thoughts.

Sometimes caffeine helps. Sometimes it just needs a mark on the page to overcome the inertia.

Today was one of those days.

I need to get better at finding a way in. More experiments to try.

And once in, staying there

AI and human skills

Working on developing the contrast and value of human skills in a world increasingly influenced by AI. It’s a good topic for a blog post and what I’ve been writing on. Doing so as a longer form representation of my work. It helps to clarify the thinking and there’s much to be repurposed both as content for the website, posts to social media as well as to refine the way I talk about my work.

Ultimately I’m trying to find a way of talking about unmeasured in a way that resonates and communicates. This is a new way of talking about it and it’s an experiment. It seems to me that it’s a good way to go, but will only know if I try it.

There were a few little unpolished gems that came out of the writing today.

Architects who’ve developed their human skills will be the ones won’t need bow to AI overlords.

AI frees up time for architects to do the important work. The work that can’t be done by AI. Thinking critically, making creative leaps and working with humans.

Developing our relationships to our people, work and practice cannot be done by AI. They’re the things that cannot be measured, reduced to an algorithm and executed by a machine.

On meetings

Musing on meetings.

I’m all for meetings being an enjoyable social occasion and an opportunity to connect. They help build teams, collegiality and trust, that’s something meetings can be for.

I’m also for the broad sharing of ideas and opinions in meetings. Personal anecdotes, relevant information and reflection. In the event they’re adding something constructive to the discussion, helping to make a decision.

It’s when these things take the meeting away from the job at hand. Adding unnecessary time (and usually frustration) to the task when there may be more important things attendees might need to do.

It’s important to get clear on what the meeting is for, that needs to be discussed and what decisions are to be made.

Meetings can be a time suck
(To be clear I’m prompted into this reflection as I was in a meeting today – if you were in it with me, the problems I’ve identified were not in the meeting today. But they are reflected in past meetings!)

I’m reminded there’s a bit on meetings in my post: How architects can find more time

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