Day 19: Friday 3 February

on gratitude

Last night I was having a drink with two other architect friends and the conversation turned to gratitude practice. Two of us have one, plus I do one with my 8 year old daughter over breakfast. If your unfamiliar with the practice there’s plenty out there on the benefits and the science. Here’s one to begin:

I use the Five Minute Journal for mine.

It’s not something I’ve done for a long time, just the last few years. And I’ve noticed the difference. The value of taking a moment to notice the good in your life, even if it’s small, brushes away the bad. Acknowledging those people in your life whom you value is always worthwhile. Which is what I’m coming to…

I recognise that I will often write down people in my Journal, or simply think about them with gratitude, and not do so out loud. That might be in person or at least via some sort of text communication, or it might be out loud in front of others too.

I’m focussing my media posts next week on leadership – it seems to be the favoured workshop of those I proposed and happily the most important one to me too. So today I crafted a post to acknowledge those leaders in my life that I value, with just a little on what i value about them. With gratitude.

This year one of my goals was to be more conscious of identifying the good that people do in the world and acknowledging it. I’m not doing as well as I would like on this. It’s been a nice reminder to me to do better.

PS: my friend that doesn’t currently have a gratitude practice is going to try it out. Grateful to hi for listening, not dismissing it and acknowledging the value it may have in his life.

I’m constantly grateful for all those that support my work. Whether just reading it, promoting it or encouraging me to continue. It’s humbling and it helps me to keep going.

Thank you for reading. ??

Metrics and the weekly review

This week was not as productive workwise as I would have liked.

That’s a metric of sorts.

Yet, some of the work I did building collateral for the workshops and a few other bits and pieces really helped with some clarity around language and the work I’m doing.

That has no metric.

It’s a reminds me the important work is often unmeasured. It’s not the quantum but the quality.

That said, I know I should have got more done! Despite some truncated days.

What I’m noticing

Engagement in my work is not as high as I would like. It suggests I need to try some more experiments. Next week I’ve changed up my media posts a little. Of late I’ve been posting without images, which has been in part to save time. Might be worth trying again.

Also… algorithms…

My own engagement online on LinkedIn and Twitter has dropped. I know the algorithms like you to be more engaged. Need to up that game next week. And see what happens.


I need to continue to work on my sales ideas.

and finish the damn Tolstoy. Need to reel in the ambition. And publish! Then spruik it.

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