Day 18: Thursday 2 February

The opposite of traction is distraction

Today was a day of distraction

A day to be tired and lethargic.

Got all the important things out. The email for the beta workshops, the webpage for the beta workshops, the extra CTA’s on the website for the beta workshops.

While I was at it I simplified the blog template. Want people to dwell and read, not bounce. It’s another experiment.

Took longer than I would have liked and ate up the best part of my day. Not a case of perfect getting in the way of done, just the fiddly work of building stuff online. It’s the perfect illustration of the reason why sometimes is just better to have an expert do the work. My story: is that it’s easier if I can just do it when I need to do it. Then it’s done. The next iteration might well be get the expert.

Sometimes you’ve just got to cut your losses.

tried and failed to do something constructive for the new Tolstoy on the website. Finding he right stories for the script. Indecision, fear and perfect got in the way. Should have looked at the small tasks I could have done instead.

Sometimes just getting the small things done is better than distracted and unconstructive work on the important ones.

Cut my losses and did some reading that I thought might inform the work I needed to be doing. Or at least I’d learn something from.

Didn’t really help.

Flushed that bit of the day away.

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