Abridged with takeaways

Day 16: Tuesday 31 January

Reminder: It’s truncated Tuesday!

Only a half day of work to honour the new school year!

Published is better than perfect

Spent waaaay too long writing, editing and finalising the useletter this week.

Two takeaways:

  • The best ones are the ones that just roll out easily and I need to think about what it was about those ones that came so easily.
    • Initial thoughts are I was clear form the outset what I was writing about.
    • I was in the writing ‘mood’! So how do I get myself into that mood, or if there’s no rhyme or reason, how do I make sure that I make the most of the times I’m in the right ‘mood’. Writing then, instead of doing the accounts for example – which is rare and unusual.
    • Change up the format and have fun with it to keep you and the useletter fresh.
    • They’re often compact or distilled ideas that have been on my mind for some time.
  • The extra time spent, in the greater scheme of things, probably added little value to the useletter. Published is better than perfect.

60 minutes not well spent

One of the things I’m doing is trying to up my LinkedIn game. It’s not there yet and work in progress. Doing so to build my community (ie network), to potentially gain some business and as an outlet to share my writing. The nice thing about a brief post is that you need to nail the message. It’s a useful exercise that also potentially brings feedbacks in helping to refine the message or rethink the idea.

Went to an online 1 hour Masterclass. Not time well spent, I knew most of it from past research and some formal learning. It nevertheless helped reinforce some of my knowledge.

A takeaway: don’t get tempted by free masterclasses. Whilst they do generously share, there’s a limit to what can be taught in an hour and it’s mostly a marketing process for them. Only do them if you’e ignorant about the subject and want a quick overview or if you’re seriously considering their services.

New draft

Still tweaking the workshop email.

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