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Day 15: Monday 30 January

OK, the big task for the week (the important work) is to get better at my sales efforts and identifying channels and tactics.

It’s surprising how many ideas it’s possible to come up when sitting down and making the effort.
And what’s more, not all of them made me uncomfortable.
Also loved the diversity of ideas I now have to experiment with.

Here’s what I have:

  • Direct marketing/selling
    • email
    • Linkedin
    • Insta or Twitter
    • Face to face chats
    • Phone call
  • Sending out to subscribers to my Events & Updates
    • do as survey around what workshops would be of interest
    • pick single workshop to sell
    • create special offer
    • Start waitlist for options
  • Follow up on existing leads
    • Who have you spoken to in the past?
    • Send friendly email.
    • What at the leads hiding in plain sight?
  • Start reaching out on LinkedIn as a lead in strategy to selling – as per Linkedin Mastery course
  • Reach out to friends & acquaintances for recommendations of who I should speak to.
  • Create an event to invite people to
    • social with a brief talk
    • social with a longer talk
    • workshop, followed by drinks

[FYI: all my own work. AI free zone!]

The useletter is written

It needs an edit but the body of it is written. It’s solid without being remarkable – to my mind. I just don’t always know. It can be the right thing at the right time for someone and sometimes it’s a case of not knowing what i know and what will land.

It feels like it might be time to change it up a little and experiment with it. Ask what else it might look like. The readership is growing, but maybe it needs to be more useful, more engaging or challenging. What would that look like? What if instead of being ruminations, ideas and frameworks it was immediately applicable lessons?

For those following along here, but not subscribing:
It goes out 11am every second Wednesday (Sydney time).

Dent | AI for Entrepreneurs

[2 hour webinar]

There wasn’t anything profound or revealing in this. Nothing I hadn’t already picked up by following along to the experts. Using AI to start your shitty first drafts, helping brainstorm ideas, refine writing, change the tone, rethink the structure, etc.

The big takeaway, or at least what it reinforced in my thinking was the value of my work. Not to mention a reassuring feeling that the slide out of architectural practice into what I’m doing might have been timely.

I need to think more deeply on how to emphasise my work on connection, relationships and human skills. These are the things that AI doesn’t do and can’t do. They’re the skills that will become increasingly important for practices to distinguish themselves as AI levels the playing field in practice (to some degree). Elevating practice through the development of human skills rather than computer skills.

A rough draft

Starting my new sales effort with an email to my current list as well as posting to LinkedIn. Beginning by getting feedback on what people would like as well as building a waitlist. It’s a rough draft. And FYI I did start by using AI, it gave me a hint of what but it was nowhere near my voice. It’s all me own words.

Who’s noticed the myriad AI’s infiltrating our media feeds and worklife, Chat GPT3, DALL·E 2, Stable Diffusion, etc. They’re writing this now (they’re not, but if you see me blink twice quickly, please come save me.)

The reality is that whilst we might not all be welcoming our AI overlords, they present opportunities to help us do our work better. Freeing us up to do the important work.

You know what else helps us to do our work better?

Developing our human (or soft) skills. They’re the skills that will help us stand out and do our work better even when AI is starting to change the architectural landscape. Skills to help you with you relationships with people, your work and your practice. Skills that AI will never replace.

Developing your human skills is the best way to elevate your architectural practice.

So I’m down the shed hammering away at building new workshops to help architects and their relationships. I’ve got three in various states right now: Reframing Flexible Work, Making More Time for Practice, and Teamwork Skills.

I’m offering them separately to practices and groups of individuals. If you’re interested, here’s a link to the waitlist…

If you need help with different human skills in practice drop me a line, I might already have a suitable workshop or easily develop one. Please reply to this email.

More tomorrow. Obv’s!

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