Stilted not stilton

Day 13: Wednesday 25 January

It’s a day of small but important tasks.

The nice thing about that is that it feels productive looking back over what you got done that day.

  • knocked over the correspondence for the Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum. It was very belated, and now done. Onwards and upwards for that this year. Need to spend a little time on working out how we might do it better.
  • Reached out to a coaching client who has been a little quiet. We agreed he should give some time to work through his work. An important part of being a coach is holding people to account, call them out from hiding.
  • 5 reach outs
  • A great lunch…


The nice part of doing this work is connecting with other people. It’s fun but it’s still work.

Super helpful lunch today with Mik. Coming through with insights on some things I could be doing or things I could see differently

  • Design some workshops or at least webinars specifically around CPD, rather than using that as an add-on. Which is how I’d thought of it. Likely could do those as paid offerings to be downloaded rather than live.
  • In chatting about helping architects be seen and heard, we ended up with some possibilities:
    • Maybe a workshop on advocacy
    • Maybe the last 20-30 years or so of architects not doing a great job of representing themselves publicly is just a blip in history. It’s not always been the case. Maybe the next generation are better at this. Something to ponder.
    • Bates Smart’s proposal for Prince Alfred Park and Central Station makeover is exactly th sort of thing to describe the value architects bring as well as how they contribute. Helping to be seen and heard, irrespective of what you might think of the scheme.
    • Different take on how we might see the role of the CEO of the AIA as a spokesperson for the profession rather than specifically a driver of change bringing a new perspective to the culture.
  • Prob’s should seriously think about applying for the Byera Hadley

Don’t watch yourself on video

In building a new script for the new introductory Tolstoy for the website, I looked at what I did previously.

Aaargh! Horrible. Stilted. Earnest. Didactic.

Cheesy! not stilton.

I can see me trying to hit all my points in the order I imagined.

Let them be more messy, friendly, loose, informal…

Had a fun idea too. Different locations for the different chapters. Where am I going to be next? Shooting for nice architectural locations.

It’s all laid out in a flow chart: Introduction then on to Services or About Michael, then Workshops or Coaching, as well as a fun little side bar for the Useletter. Including a book a chat button on many pages as an additional CTA. Want to come up with a little engaging story for all six videos, short, quirky, meaningful. Maybe that’s all there is rather than trying to jam in too much info. Just send them to the webpage for info.

Now that’s an interesting idea… (that I just had)

That’s an advantage of writing these things up in public. Sometimes it brings new ideas and thinking. Valuable.

Whiteboarding ftw

Did all this work in Freeform the new Apple Miro.

Very nice process to just dump stuff all over a page whiteboard style. Not getting caught up in the linear but instead being able to dump an idea straight down as I have it and not getting caught i formatting or where it needs to go in the order. Change colour (if necessary) and write it down. It can always be rehomed if necessary.

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