It feels vulnerable

Day 12: Tuesday 24 January

Posted the behemoth

What seemed like a good idea to dive into a little research and start some thinking on ideas around flexible work turned into a 10 minute read! Not my usual compact blog post of 4-6 minute read! It’s messy, uneven and probably has big holes through it. It’s a start and it’s published.

More than flexible, a better culture of work

It’s one to revisit, rethink and expand upon in a series of posts. Not to mention develop into a workshop.

? Hooo boy! Just ate a couple of frogs.

It fascinating how sending a couple of emails can put you in the puke zone. ?

Sent emails to a local and international publication spruiking my work. I’ll be no worse off if I don’t hear from them. Which is the worst that can possibly happen. Apart from maybe a terse email back demanding I never contact them again. But that’s not so bad (& highly unlikely).

There’s only upside.

So why do I feel so ill?
Because I’m putting myself out into the world. Being vulnerable. Potentially exposing myself to assessment.

I do my blog. I post on social media. And for the most part I do it without a care or butterfly.

This time it’s targeted, intentional and definitely feels more vulnerable.

It’s also that the payoff feels bigger here.

It’s more meaningful.

How fascinating!

Marketing Tony Fadell style

I ned to tweak copy on my website as well as build a new introductory Tolstoy video experience. It’s important to get clear on what my client’s pain is and how unmeasured will transform them.

In Build by Tony Fadell he has a useful template that he uses for marketing on all his projects. Giving it a crack. At the very least it was a useful exercise in coming at the problem from a different angle.

Always helpful when designing to thing, How might I do this differently? What changes if I try another way? coming at problems from different angels sometimes produces new outcomes. It’s a valuable exercise.

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