An experiment, a slog and a letter

Day 11: Monday 23 January

This week I’m experimenting with adopting a different way of planning out what i’m working on. Previously I identified my two important tasks for the week, along with their associated steps. It’s a good system when they’re big tasks but it breaks down if the two are easily achieved within the week. At present my most important tasks fit into that category, although a public holiday this week may somewhat disrupt things.

The productivity experiment this week

I have a kanban board with all my tasks entered. Categorised as Important, Valuable, Whenever and Idea. I dump things into it as I identify or think of them. I don’t usually include my regular tasks such as reach outs, blog post, etc. This week I added a column for the week and I’ve moved my Important tasks for the week as well as the regular tasks into my weekly column. I’ll then use that to identify the important things to do each day and include in my daily Getting Things Done list. It doesn’t include a break down of steps, so I might to include that on the fly so to speak.

A blog post on flexible work

I’ve come to a conclusion, the problem isn’t resources around flexible work, it’s not even really a how to on flexible work, the problem is recognising that flexible work is just part of a better work culture. By focussing on delivering flexible work, there’a n opportunity to rethink the work culture and deliver better work.

Finding a better way of working rather than the same way of working more flexibly.

It’s not flexible work, just work. A better culture of work.

So instead of writing specifically on flexible work. I’m writing on a better culture of work. Because when it comes down to it. Not everyone wants flexible work, but I hope we all agree everyone wants a better work culture.

It’s become a bigger post than usual but has been worth the thinking and research time. It’s also meant more indecision. What’s in or out? What does it look like? It’s all a bit laboured right now!

The biggest challenge is that I’m ending up with sections that could be a post in themselves – it’s always harder when having to edit bits down for the sake of the overall flow. It might be each point needs to be reduced to 2 sentences rather than 2 paragraphs. Opening space for future posts too.

I have to sleep on what to do.

Spruiking my writing

I could send out emails to 10 different online publications but that might get me into trouble if I get a positive response from them all. Instead I’m prioritising those that I’m most keen on writing for. Sending maybe 3 a week tops. Giving them a chance to respond and only sending more out after silence or a negative response. I only want one local and one international.

Did an edit on my email (as follows). Thinking I might send out after tomorrow’s blog post.

Dear [Publication],

As an architect, coach and writer, I’m fascinated with the role better human skills can play in elevating architectural practice. I write regularly on my blog about developing better human skills, how they can engender a rethinking of how architects practice.

I’ve previously written occasional articles for Architecture Australia, The Architecture Bulletin and the Association of Consulting Architects and I’m keen to reach a wider audience.

Recent examples from my blog:

Would you be interested in my writing, either as a regular or irregular contributor?

Thank you for your time.

I don’t feel like I achieved enough today, whilst I wouldn’t necessarily say I had a slack day. Just a bit slow, jumping between research writing and thinking through the work.

It’s the hard work that sometimes has to happen before it becomes easy. Groundwork to a flow state where the thinking has already been done and it just needs to be put down on the page.

Or at least I hope that’s an accurate reflection.

Or maybe it’s just a story!

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