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Day 8: Wednesday 18 January

Frankly this will be an abridged day. So the key will be to get as much done in the time I have…

  • Finalise useletter and program to go out
  • Reach Outs ?
  • Review and edit website

Hoooo boy!

The frustrations of computers doing their own thing.

I checked.



And programmed the useletter to go out. It looked good. Font colours were right in the preview and I was happy with the content. But the fucker went out with the font the same colour as the background in the introduction. I picked it up pretty quickly and did a bodgy fix and resend, but it felt unprofessional careless and super annoying. Going to have to up my preflight game and reassess the mail program.

As Benjamin Zander would say…

How fascinating!

Ch ch changes

Getting through the website edits.

but this is one for an expert. I need help.

Done is better than perfect, but it’s stop gap.

It’s nevertheless a useful exercise as in writing I have to think about succinct ways of describing my work. To edit and refine my thinking. To try to get inside the head of the clients I seek (those who the website is for) and understand how they might feel and speak directly to that.

What is the problem I’m solving for them?

Now I write this down. I need to go back and review I’m adequately answering that question.

Reach outs

Sent out my 5 reach outs for the week. A mix of agonists!

I do this to connect with people, grow my community (ie network) and to help me gain more insights into my work and the challenges of the profession. I don’t love doing this, but it’s important work. The cold reach out is the worst. It puts me in the puke zone. To make the work a little easier I try to mix it up with the low hanging fruit through to the ones that feel hard. That way I don’t run out of easy ones and done’t have to do all hard ones. I don’t expect to get a response from all but the more I do the more connections are made. That said 4 out of 5 responded last week, but none of them were unknown. It was a soft start!

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