A win and a prayer

Day 4: Thursday 12 January

Plans for the day

  1. Build out social media posts that test my thinking around unmeasured’s offer. Use them to craft the language and concepts.
  2. Rebuild CRM management board.
  3. Meet with Mary, Kirsty and Pete to discuss our plans for the year and support each other in our work. It’s one of my favourite things to do. Among of my favourite people always awesome to catch up with them.


It’s just the best thing to start the day with a win.

Had a response to a Reach Out from an enquiry and chat I had with someone who had been in contact with me about my work early last year. Just a ‘hi’, no expectations. Might turn into a client. Good reminder to stay in touch with people.

Let’s be frank

OK Frank, look if you’re going to be doing this in public the least you can do is be honest in your approach. In the spirit of that, today I reckon I could have done with a kick in the arse. It wasn’t a terrible day, but frankly I could have done more and got caught in indecision and the fear of wrong. I got some good writing done for media posts, but I dwelt on it for too long. Once I got going it was pretty good and I’m proud of what i came up with, but there was a lot of stuffing around in between.

Got my CRM board in order, so that was a small win. I do need to think more deeply on it, but it’s back to a useable form. Work in progress.

Sad face

Meeting postponed

but only until tomorrow.

An afternoon malaise with a sparkle at the end

In the disappointment of no meeting I couldn’t get motivated to do something new at the scheduled time mid-late arvo.

Didn’t waste it. Did some more reading on Working Out Loud and came across this absolute gem:

five ways to shift your mindset:

  1. Give yourself permission to make mistakes.
  2. Ask for help when you run into trouble.
  3. Focus on your own progress instead of comparing yourself to others.
  4. Think in terms of progress, not perfection.
  5. Examine your beliefs and, when necessary, challenge them.

[Stepper, John. Working Out Loud: A 12-Week Method to Build New Connections, a Better Career, and a More Fulfilling Life . Publisher’s Group West. Kindle Edition.]

A small nugget of goodness at the end of the day!

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