Hump Day

Day 3: Wednesday 11 January

Done is better than perfect today!

What I planned:

  1. Review and amend my “Why” and “Just Cause” statements to reflect current thinking.
  2. Do 5 Reach Outs
  3. Flesh out my marketing plan so approach is clear.
  4. Write and program social media posts

The day began with an unplanned 90 minute conversation with someone at my co-working space, The Commons, about the architecture degree. She’s about to start. Always happy to help (& rant). It was a distraction, but a welcome and enjoyable one.

These all need more thought and work… (albeit DONE!)

My Why

To rethink the status quo in support of the architecture profession so the profession might develop better relationships.

My Just Cause statement

Using architectural creativity to build better connections, communication and collaboration within and without the profession. Teaching human skills to the profession.

My Mission statement

Supporting better relationships in the architecture profession, by teaching human skills. Elevating the profession through skills coaching, frameworks and strategies.

My Vision Statement

To elevate the architecture profession as the foremost public leaders for our built environment.

Reach outs

#realtalk this can be a hiding place. Only reaching out to people I’m comfortable doing so. Ones that feel easy. Fair to say I didn’t entirely come out form hiding, didn’t really get into super uncomfortable territory. Let’s call it a soft start!

5 Reach Outs done! PLUS a bonus one. SIX!

Mid afternoon slump

As the day felt like it was at risk of slipping away I salvaged it with space for learning.

Reading Working Out Loud, and listening to Tim Ferriss interviewing James Clear.

Sometimes I just need to not do the thing I set out to do. Rather than wasting time doing work badly or not at all, just change it up.

creative thinking

Got the juices flowing back on how I talk about unmeasured

Unmeasured is a relationship coach to your architectural practice, helping you work on every aspect of your interactions with people, your work, and your practice. My coaching will help elevate your practice to become the success you envision.

Important question:

What’s the metaphor that explains unmeasured?

ie: the metaphor for the first iPod was “one thousand songs in your pocket”

or the distillation of the idea?

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