Day 2: Tuesday 10 January

It’s going to be hard to maintain the fire every day, but all up still a constructive day and excited by what I came up with.

Here’s what I put into my Daily Tasks for today:

  • Post my blog for fortnight
  • Finish Clarify review unmeasured offer – the problem I’m solving for my clients. Whiteboarding – review and consolidate recent writing around this.
  • Set up tracking spreadsheets

All done!

Posted the blog You need help – pretty happy with it on my reread and edit to post.

Got caught up in getting getting my “offer” perfect over good, so spun my wheels for a bit.

My big aha for the day (or reminder to be fair):
Getting caught up on being clever in how I present things. Need to get better at being clear over clever. Clear is kind. Edit. Simplify. Reduce.

Here’s where I’m at for my offer:

unmeasured is a relationship coach for your architectural practice. Working with you on your relationship with people, your work and your practice.

I need to sit with this and think about it. I know I can tighten it and make it clearer.

Also realised:
I need to lean in to unmeasured more*. unmeasured the name and the idea behind the name.

My work is all about the unmeasured (& unmeasurable) parts of practice.

* Don’t forget.

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