Day 1: Monday 9 January

So far so 🔥

A pretty good way to start off the week.

Here’s what I put into my Daily Tasks for today:

  • Clarify what the fuck I’m doing. Review unmeasured offer – the problem I’m solving for my clients. Whiteboarding – review and consolidate recent writing around this.
  • Start blog post – on staying on track (working in public)

I know what I’ve been saying unmeasured does is unclear. If it’s unclear to me, it’s unclear to everyone else. Faaaark! SO instead fo trying to be too many things all at once I needed to stick to one, define it and just talk to that.

I got a digital whiteboard filled with stuff. It’s becoming clearer. Yes, it’s still about skills workshops and coaching but it’s all arse about. I’m not selling the skills I’m selling what they’re for. To elevate human relationships and all the work that involves so that architectural practice might be better.

It’s work in progress. It’s not fully formed, but if we think of practice using the framework of Vitruvius’s Three Principles: Firmness is the design expertise and all that involves in practice; Commodity is all the parts of practice that require business, marketing and BD expertise, leaving Delight, which is the human part of practice. All are important parts to making the whole, but I’m only concerned with the people of practice.

It’s a start.


I posted this [b]log publicly on LinkedIn and on Twitter to let people know I’m working in public. Major puke zone 🤮.

Going to be importnat to repost on a regular basis for accountability.


Smashed out a blog post, that will need an edit tomorrow. It felt good. It’s about getting help and in part related to this [b]log. Publishing it tomorrow.


No guarantee I’ll write this much every day, but will post what is relevant, what i can, with the time I have.

Definitely an excellent start to the week and the year!

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  1. The daily accountability blog post and thoughts/experiences/commentary that led to the start of the blog is inspiring! Keep on keeping on!

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