The agenda

Daily accountability posts

At the end of every day I work I will briefly post about my day.

  • What I worked on
  • If I achieved what I had planned to do
  • Acknowledge the wins or things that went wrong
  • How the day rated (more below)
  • Any additional thoughts

It’s intended to be a quick 5 minute exercise. It’s to be easy, not burdensome, otherwise I won’t do it.

Typically only on weekdays. For accountability I will flag ahead of time days I’m on holidays or retrospectively if I’ve been sick.

[note: this is about the work I’m doing for unmeasured]

UPDATED: As described in About this [b]log I have pivoted towards also working out loud. This blog is still about accountability but it’s also about sharing my struggles, insights and strategies more openly.


The reviews are to track progress on particular projects, goals or metrics such as billing. To be posted separately, an edited cut and paste out of my tracking software – they’re not for full transparency but for accountability.

Weekly: on Fridays

Monthly: on the last working day of the month

Quarterly: on the last working day of the month

Yearly: when it’s done, some time over the holiday period.


Each post will be accompanied by a photo acknowledging the quality of the day’s work, working on over 5 levels:

? Whoa! I was on fire! (not literally)

? It was a pretty fine day. Props to me!

? Yep, that’s what I call average!

? Michael you needed a boot up the bum.

? Well you can just flush that down the crapper!

Where it starts and where I’m going

My goals for 2023

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