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Hi I’m Michael and I’m a ‘Rebel’*

I’ve questioned how architectural practice can be better throughout my architectural career.
Meditated on the rare value of an architect’s skills. How to develop and better utilise them.
And studied leadership and human skills – aka ‘soft skills’ (soft not soft).

I quit architectural practice a few years ago.
It wasn’t just the rebel in me. I did so to work supporting the profession. Changing the world many architects at a time, instead of one building at a time.

I’m the founder of unmeasured, where I coach and deliver workshops to architects in areas of practice not taught at university or on the job. The skills we can always do better. Helping architects elevate their practice, overcome the friction they encounter, and develop their human skills.

I’ve been around the block, having worked in architecture for almost 30 years and running my own practice for 14. I’ve done countless courses, teach professional practice at UNSW and have coached in the altMBA since 2017. I understand architectural practice from the inside out. You’ll find few coaches who know the architecture profession so intimately and holistically across all aspects of practice.

Fun Fact: my NSW architect’s registration number is 10 007 and I have a license to skill.

*’Rebel’: see Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies.

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