2023 Goals

These are the relevant goals for my year, for a level of accountability. They’re a starting point, not so much an end point. I may come back and tweak or add, but I’ll always call out any edits.

  • To have unmeasured running at a profit by the end of the year, so that I can deliver better work to the profession as well as develop my work and myself. And contributing to other causes.
  • To establish an advisory board for unmeasured, to build in accountability, support and perspective.
  • Find more opportunities to present publicly to raise my profile and get a clear message out about my work. That might include talks, panels, articles in other publications, perhaps a podcast…
  • To develop and pitch a proposal to SXSW Sydney and hopefully deliver it, so that I expand my work to spaces outside the profession and gain new perspectives, insights and exposure to a different way of thinking.
  • To develop a RAP for unmeasured so that I learn more about aboriginal culture, maintain my values around equality and inclusivity and be the change walking the walk.
  • Cultivate a community of architects working towards better representation of the profession through acts of generosity and radical communication, so that the profession learns to be a part of the conversation about the city instead of apart.
  • To learn stand up comedy, so that I build my performance chops for workshops and talks as well as learn how to construct jokes to ensure my work is engaging.

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